History of the estabilishment of the „Hutnik” Housing-Cooperative


The first registration of the „Hutnik” Statute took place on 17th April 1981. At the time of its establishment, the Co-operative administered 7.779 flats with a total usable area of 446.6 thousand sq.m.

On 17 November 1990 by virtue of aresolution of the Meeting of Members Representatives the Housing Cooperative „Hutnik” was divided.

Zagórze” Cooperative was separated from it.

Currently, the Hutnik Housing-Co-operative administers 8.723 apartments with a total usable are of buildings 459.6 sq.m and 200 business premises.The area of the business premises is over 19. 956 sq.m.

About 20,000 people live in our resources.

The work of Hutnik Housing – Co- operative is well appreciated by external stakeholders, as evidenced by the numerous prizes awarded to us.

Awards, certificates, etc.

1. Fourfold energy efficiency certificates, also known as „White Certificates”, obtained by the Co-operative in the years 2015-2017 and collecting a total revenue of over 2 million polish zloty from their sale on the Polish Power Exchange. „White Certificates” can only be obtained for the activities with the highest economic efficiency.

2.Two awards of the Silesian Voivode (3rd place in 2016 and 1st place in 2017)
in the competition „Holidays: Safe, Healthy and Fun” – for the best organized holiday for children and teenagers in the place of residence received by Co-operative’s social, cultural and educational institution – „Bakcyl” Club.

3. Laureate of the „Polish Intelligent Development Award 2017” in the category of „Housing Innovation” for the campaign „Safe housing estate” in the nationwide competition and enterprise certification programme. The goal of the Programme is to identify and promote the companies outstanding on the market for their modern management style, dynamic development, innovation and investing
in human capital and knowledge.

4. Obtaining the title „Pillar of Cooperativeness 2017” for the highest level of property management and a high-standard resident service. The programme run by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship and the editorial office — Entrepreneurship Forum – published by Gazeta Prawna Journal and Biznes Plus of Gazeta Wyborcza has a mediagenic character. It aims to promote and build a positive image of the Polish housing co-operatives, as well as to publicize their activities and accomplishments. It is to show that
housing co-operatives are a very important element of the Polish economy.

5. Certyfikate and the quality label „Enterpreneurship of the Future 2017” in the National Certification Programme of th Companies and Other Entities Conducting Business Activities. The competention is organized by the Fundation for the Development of the Education and Higher Education and the PRC Agency for the companies characterized by modernity, innovation and an unconventional approach to running of a bisiness.

6. Threefold award, „Gazelles of Business”, granted to the Co-operative in 2011, 2014, 2015, given in the ranking of the most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland. „Gazelles of Business” is an annual list that has been published by the „Puls Biznesu” Journal since 2000.